PhaseRune Games (PRG) is a small game company that feels the game industry in its mad dash to do everything in 3d has forgotten some of the great aspects of video gaming’s past. There is a richness that the limitations early game systems had which forced game developers to truly innovate in order to convey the games settings and feel. These qualities which are largely rooted in the two dimensional plane are in many ways what made so many of the past games so great. We seek to recapture these elements in large open ended sandbox RPGs and other gaming genres. Graphics are important, but are parallel to gameplay.

Matt @ PhaseRune Games


Matt – Initial founder of PRG. He is a software engineer, backup IT admin, artist/designer, author, and sound/music designer. From a young age he was drawn to computers. His first real computer was an old briefcase style IBM 5155. It had a whooping 640k Ram, a low density 5 1/4 drive, and a 10 meg hard drive. It was amazing and cherished. He is also an avid synthesizers enthusiast.

sarah PhaseRune Games


Sarah – is the artist in the bunch. She brings the game worlds to life, and helps in the brainstorming process. Aside from creating art assets from scratches she is quite good at taking rough drafts and prototypes and completing them. Drawing and photography are two hobbies she has life long affairs with in various fashions. Obsessed with IKEA and deceptively difficult puzzle games.



Mitch – He fills many roles, but perhaps his most important roll is being the voice of reason. His experience as a software and IT engineer allow him to temper decisions, and enables the very backbone that PhaseRune Games operates on. It is because of this experience that he fills the vital roll of software engineer, and the IT engineer and administrator. He loves all things biking.