And Team PhaseRune grew by 1 (and is done)

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce the newest member and partial owner of PhaseRune Software/Games. While the ‘company’ was started by Sarah and me, we are most excited to be welcoming Mitch Maris on board. Shortly he’ll have his mini-bio added to the about page. Mostly for a while afterwards you wont be hearing from him directly, but trust us, his work here is crucial and a lot of what we’ll be doing in the near future wouldn’t be possible without him.

Mitch is a colleague and friend of mine from work. I’ve known him for about 7+ years. His experience is a valuable asset to the inner workings of PR and his expertise will be seen in many of our releases in the future.

As a sort of more elaborate introduction Mitch will be authoring a post here about the growing pains of rolling out our own infrastructure and network, and how we are using it to harness efforts and efficiently tackle the challenges ahead. Although this is a largely internal decision that bears very little importance to, the player the intention behind this post, however, is to help others who may be in a similar situation see how we handled it, and if it potentially could work for them.

While our first Android game is coming along slowly, we do hope to have it out before the end of the year. Work on the second RPG based Android game is coming along as well.

At any rate, welcome again Mitch, and thanks for all the hard work both now and in the future!

Matt – PhaseRune Games

The Perils of Juggling

There have been several papers on how humans in general do not multitask well. It seems that remembering this would serve people well when working on complicated tasks.

Sage wisdom? Your mileage may very, but for me and the ‘team’ focusing on one task at a time has helped us to maintain sanity as well as juggle the day job and a young family. This focus of course means the job being done on the game is done to the best of our abilities.

The next post here will be about the game and will coincide with the game being added to the games section of the website. (Finally)


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I’ve been lately really bothered by all of  supposedly free services namely Facebook and almost all of Google’s services. Privacy is getting side lined here and it’s a real shame because it doesn’t have to be. Now I’m not living under a rock and I understand that servers and bandwidth all cost money and that money has to come from somewhere. I just don’t understand why my privacy and entitlement to it have to be sacrificed? More on this later.